Permissions and Tasks of the Chief of the Investigation and Securing Division

Permissions of the chief of the investigation and securing division:

1) Supervision of the investigation and securing division of the security and safety administration.

2) Supervision of the following unites, to complete the goal of the division and develop it's work.

3) Planning of the security manners and make the right orders and the observation for the quality of the outcomes.

4) Propose the necessary proposal to develop the work in the security division.

Tasks of the chief of the security division:

1) Promote the operatable plan of the investigation and securing the safety and security administration to the general prospect to be approved.

2) Observation of department heads and the prospects and the individuals and raising a periodic reports.

3) Do a field rounds to confirm that the work is going in the proper way.

4) Daily report about the investigations to the general prospect.

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