Duties of Security Man


·         Read to work in any round during the 24 hours of the day according to the system.

·         Ready to work extra time if necessary.

·         Not to allow any person or car without valid permission.

·         Not to allow any furniture, equipments or machines to entered or taken out without permission.

·         To treat all visitors to the University with human relations and respect.

·         Don’t take their cards, but register them so as to be sure of their information’s.

·         Don’t talk with other people in any subject which is not related to the duty of your job.

·         Don’t eat, drink, smoke or read newspapers during your work.

·         Help all accidents of sudden diseases of else who need assistance.

·         If you find any missing thing, you have to bring to your head.

·         If you discover any abnormal thing which might be dangerous you to call your head immediately.

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