Achievements of operation, supervision and warning Section




1.       Remove the operation room to the supervision room.

1.  To follow up how the work is going and to supervise the places covered by the cameras.

2.       New Report Unit.

2.  To receive all reports coming to the operation          either through the telephone or by personal coming. So as to follow up with the head of operation who is in charge. Then raise all of them to the head for any directive advice.  A new form for receiving the reports was already made.

3.       Changing the organization of the operation room, and renew the building.

3.  Changing the counter with new design, and making the required painting.

4.       Changing all the Cameras of supervision.

4.  Those Cameras found on the external gates and the buildings

5.       Increase the screens found in the operation room.

5.  Four Screen LCD size forty inch.

6.       Provide the Cameras with a digital registration Machine.

6.  To make a video archive for the cameras.

7.       Repairs and remove the machine of the university central watch unit.

7. To the operation room so as to control the digital watches in the buildings.

8.       To make an internet between the sections

8.  To facilitate the program of permissions and    braking the rules of the supervision cameras.

9.       Provision of bravo system of communication.

9.   Communication system to assist the wireless communication.

10.   To increase the wireless machine.

10.  Provision of fifty manual machines and twenty car machines.

11.   To build a maintenance workshop for the wireless machines and the cameras.

11.  To bring special instruments and equipments for the maintenance and programming.

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