Characteristic of Security Man

·         Tacwa Allah and be faithful in doing his duty.

·         Respect and work with the systems of rules and laws of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

·         Obey all the regulations and the directives issued by the general administration of Security.

·         Keep the good reputation of his university.

·         To go through his direct manager in all affairs concerning his job.

·         Follow all the regulations issued by the direct responsible person and apply them.

·         Be ready to attend any theoretical or practical training in the field of his specialization.

·         To be in good clean appearance in his shape and in the place of his work.

·         To dress the official clothes during his work.

·         To be honest and truthful in all his work.

·         Honesty in raising in information’s to his directors.

·         Not to tell the work information to any person who has a clash with his head.

·         To be faithful and pay good attention to his work.

·         Respectful patient    and polite with others.

·         Ready to help and assist the others.

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