specialities of the administration

General specialities of the general administration for security and safety:


1)    Put the university politics and plans in domain the occupational safety and the industrial security in all buildings and university origins and in characteristic in the treated and the laboratories and the workshop in the university.

2)    Undertaking measures of the security and the safety sponsor in the preservation on the buildings and the origins and worksites and the laborers in it's from the preventive aspect and the wish.

3)    The direct supervision and effective on works of security company  and monthly contractor of the safety and evaluation of the accruals.

4)    The security coordination with the sides specialized is identicals: al'amaar, the police, the passing, the civil defense, the topics, the red crescent. .etc) while the security aspects and preventive specialize in inside the university and that in cases of the emergency.

5)    The confirming from application conditions and bases of the security and the safety the pertaining sponsor in protection and the laborers during execution the works inside the university.

6)    Continuation of security agency and the employed safety in all buildings and the origins and worksites in the university and the confirming from it's competence and it's safety and that it performs in security method, and correspondence for conditions the protection and the safety.

7)    The coordination with ministry of health to needed undertaking the precautions for protection pertaining from the dangers and the healthy harms.

8)    Preparation plans of the preventive information to preventive deepening the consciousness and preventive devoting the skills through wide programs includes all colleges and the administrations and the centers and deans and accumulated residential following for the university( safe university project).

9)    Preparation of the reports periodic and urgent about cases the incidents which happened in university.

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