Administration Goals

Goals of the General Department for Safety and Security:


1)    Establishing and applying an integrated system for Safety and Security at the University while constantly striving to further develop the system, and coordinate with entities concerned with security both on- and off-campus.

2)    Protecting all persons on-campus, their possessions, and the University’s possessions.

3)    Ensuring order and maintaining the appropriate level of discipline inside the University.

4)    Being prepared to respond to any emergency at the University, having coordinated with other University departments regarding accidents and natural disasters, and developing a plan to deal with such emergencies.
Activating the role of security personnel at the University, recruiting and training competent individuals, and improving their level of professionalism.

5)    Updating Safety and Security procedures in University facilities and researching the possible introduction of new technology.

6)    Ensuring the implementation of safety measures and procedures in all works falling under Operation and Maintenance.

7)    Educating the University’s affiliates and informing them of their duties in case of emergencies so that they can act according to plan when called upon.

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